Patricia Elliot founded MindCircles and over the years she has written, designed and developed a range of tools and exercises that benefit the people that use them. Her book 7 Attributes for Success (Inner Success and Happiness) is the key to realising your true potential. Since losing her son, Bruce, to suicide she is writing her experience of this tragic loss which includes stories from those who have also suffered loss of a loved one. The book is titled The Weight of Emptiness.

We all need to have something that we can use to help de-stress, relax and bring strength and confidence. With this in mind Patricia designed, deeloped and produced short videos/audios, called MindBites. These were a necessary addition to the books and exercises as we now live in an ever-increasint digital world.  The MindBites and Steps for Success program can be downloaded to almost any smart device that you may own, they are of course still available on good old-fashioned paper format.

All these products  are available on this site. The bigger percentage of the product range can be downloaded giving almost instant delivery and will run on all Smart devices on the market today. Apple and Samsung product being the favoured all other tablets and phones are catered for. 

This store has primarily downloadable products. If you experience any problems please contact me on